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4 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Your Loved Ones Won't Hate

4 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Your Loved Ones Won't Hate

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Ask anyone: 2016 went by scary fast. It’s truly last minute, so what can you buy en route?

For those who not only put off Christmas gifts until the last minute but also, well, forgot about the whole gift exchange thing, here are four last-minute presents you can buy on your cell phone. The best part? The recipient, no matter who it is, will totally love them.


If all else fails, whip out your wallet. Money is never the most exciting thing for someone to receive, but it is the easiest thing to give and something that is almost always appreciated. The best thing about giving money is that it has a major benefit: The recipients can spend it wherever, and however, they please.


If you show up to Christmas Day empty-handed, offer up things to do, trips to take, and memories instead of tangible goods. Home-brewing classes, spa days, cake-decorating classes, vacations to a big city or small forest-y getaway can all be wonderful gifts. The best thing about these presents? You can start planning them after the holidays are over.

Food Subscription Box

If the person on your last-minute gift list is a bit of a gourmand, try giving them a few free weeks of a meal delivery kit. Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh are some of the leaders in this trendy industry, offering easy-to-follow recipes and ingredients for those who love food but may not be the most confident in the kitchen. If you don’t want to commit to giving someone free full meals, you can always go old school with “food of the month” clubs, with options that range from bacon to jam to snack foods.

Gift E-Cards

Gift cards are the classic go-to for people who don’t know what to get someone else or for those people who tend to put off holiday shopping until the last minute. The gift of the internet means these can literally be purchased from your phone on your way to your holiday celebration. Every type of retailer, from Best Buy to Toys R Us to Ulta to, has e-gift cards available that get sent straight to the gift recipient’s inbox, so there’s something for everyone on your list!


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