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Princess Yachts Unveils the Sleek and Speedy Princess 30M

Princess Yachts Unveils the Sleek and Speedy Princess 30M

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Princess Yachts has unveiled the newest edition to their M Class fleet, the Princess 30M. While certainly the smallest, the 30M's sleek, bold design makes the nearly 100-foot luxury yacht feel incredibly spacious. Optimum cruising efficiency and specialized weight-saving advantages enable the vessel to reach speeds up to 30 knots, proving size doesn’t always matter.

The interior can fit up to five double en suite cabins, including a master suite on the main deck. As with all of the M Class yachts, the interior design is chosen by the owner, but standard finishes consist of hand-crafted cabinetry, marble and granite, along with unique fabric panels. The main deck’s saloon can be designed to accommodate its owner’s needs, with various seating and dining options available.

Sunny days can be enjoyed on the raised pilot house that’s shaded by the fly bridge overhang and includes a comfortable seating area, wet bar, bathing deck, and room for a spa. Plus, a hydraulic bathing platform and stern garage that can fit a 4.5m tender make the yacht perfectly suitable for activities more adventurous than sunbathing.

The 30M will join the Princess Yachts fleet in 2015.

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